v1.18.0 YITH WooCommerce Donations Nulled [Free Download]

YITH Donations for WooCommerce Nulled
YITH Donations for WooCommerce Nulled

With YITH WooCommerce Donations nulled, you can easily add a donation button to your WooCommerce store. This allows your customers to make donations to your chosen cause directly from your website. The plugin comes with a number of features, including the ability to set a minimum and maximum donation amount, create donation goals, and track donations made through your website.

The plugin is easy to use and configure, and lets you choose which causes to support, as well as how much to donate. You can also add a message to your customers explaining why you are supporting the cause.

The plugin is a great way to show your support for charitable causes, and to give your customers an easy way to do the same.

How to Download YITH WooCommerce Donations Premium for Free?

While the free version of YITH WooCommerce Donations is great, the premium version includes even more features, such as the ability to add a donation form to your website, integrate with popular payment processors, and more.

So how can you get YITH WooCommerce Donations Premium for free? It’s actually quite simple. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • First, head over to the official YITH WooCommerce Donations nulled website and click on the “Download” button.
  • Next, unzip the plugin file you just downloaded.
  • Now, upload the plugin to your website and click to “Activate” button

Online donations are a phenomenon that has been getting a foothold in recent years more and more: users make donations to support cultural projects, to collect for fundraising initiatives, to express their gratitude for a service or a product they have received.

Whether it is a matter of few euros or of considerable amounts, if you want to create a site that gives you the possibility to make donations, what you need is certainly a simple solution, as versatile as possible.
It is generally rather hard to obtain selfless contributions from our customers, especially considering how hard it generally is to convince them to buy something, which is why a donation system needs to be quiet simple to use and efficient.

In order to meet this need and offering the opportunity to turn a simple e-commerce store in a tool designed to collect donations, we have created YITH WooCommerce Donations!

Due to the constant increase of e-commerce shops, online payments become more and more secure and so also the possibility to make donations.
Besides charity associations and non-profit projects online, also owners of medium size e-commerce sites may need such a way of money transfer (think you are giving a free product and you want to give users the possibility to contribute freely to finance your work).
And you know how difficult it is, if not even impossible, to set your e-commerce shop so that you can allow a payment of a variable amount, amount that users themselves choose just before paying.

Well, YITH Donations for WooCommerce aims exactly to make all this easy to set up and with few simple clicks: associate a donation to a product or give the possibility to your users to make donations to your site, counting on the stable and rich WooCommerce plugin.

This plugin was designed to represent the best solution for both those who are moving their first steps into online sales and veterans of digital marketing.
Thanks to its functions, such as the chance to add donation forms to several products or the chance to make the donation optional or secondary to the shortcode that will allow you to display this plugin freely on your website, you will be able to set up your donation system right now and with no need for technical assistance.

This is the ideal scenario for charity companies, creative people who wish to be sustained by their followers, collective funding projects and much more!

YITH WooCommerce Donations Free Download

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