v.2.7.4 WooCommerce PayTrace Gateway Free Download [by VanboDevelops]

WooCommerce PayTrace Gateway Nulled
WooCommerce PayTrace Gateway Nulled

Take Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover and JCB credit card payments via PayTrace Gateway Nulled v2.7.4

PayTrace was founded in 2004 and is an industry leader in providing a safe and easy-to-use payment processing services.

With more than 24,000 users, PayTrace is dedicated to providing merchants with excellent customer service, increasing security and reducing costs. PayTrace cam process payments in US dollars made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB credit cards.

PayTrace Gateway Free Download v2.7.4 | PayTrace Gateway Plugin Nulled Latest version extension implements the direct transaction method. The user will never leave your site, the payment will be processed directly from your checkout page and an appropriate response, depending on the transaction outcome, will be presented to the customer.

This integration plugin provides an easy and seamless connection between your WooCommerce store and the PayTrace credit card processing services. All you need to get started will be a PayTrace username and password, that’s it.

There is more, every time your customers pay you they will be able to securely save their credit card info on the PayTrace servers.

Client-Side Encryption

You can now enable client-side encryption support for enhanced security while processing card payments. The Client-Side Encryption feature of the PayTrace JSON API securely encrypts sensitive credit card data in the customer’s web-browser by using a JavaScript library provided by PayTrace. The sensitive credit card information is encrypted before the web form is submitted to your server. This allows your system to transmit the sensitive credit card data to PayTrace encrypted, which can only be decrypted by PayTrace, removing your system from having access to unencrypted credit card data and reducing your PCI Scope.

eCheck/ACH Payments Support

The Paytrace plugin makes accepting eCheck/ACH payments easy, just enable them for your Paytrace account and check the plugin setting to visualize the ACH form.

Paytrace Vault Support

Allow your customers to save their payment details as a token in your store. Allows the customer to order multiple times without entering their card information again. The card data will safely be stored in the Paytrace Vault and the sensitive information will never be handled by your store.

Manage Stored Payment methods.

Make default, Delete or Add new payment methods.

Capture Authorized Payments

Capture previously authorized payments directly from your store admin. Allows you to capture amount up to the order total directly from the order edit screen. No more searching for the transaction inside your Paytrace Dashboard.

Process refunds

Paytrace plugin allows you to process refund payments directly from your store admin. Just choose your order, how much you want to refund and write in a reason note, it’s that simple.

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PayTrace Gateway Nulled Changelog

2022.11.11 - version 2.7.4
 * Fix: Delete newly create payment profile only, when payment fails

2022.08.30 - version 2.7.3
 * Fix: Correctly detect oAuth2 token generation errors
 * Tweak: Reset invalid client key, when an error occurs

2022.06.24 - version 2.7.2
 * Fix: Add Payment Method was not adding the card for client-side encryption setup

2022.06.08 - version 2.7.1
 * Dev: Added API Export transaction methods to allow pulling the transaction details.

2022.05.13 - version 2.7.0
 * New: Support for Paytrace Protect.js library. Sensitive data completely handled by Paytrace, lowering the PCI-Compliance requirements for merchants to SAQ-A.
 * WC 6.5 compatibility checks

2022.04.21 - version 2.6.1
 * Fix: A function from WP 5.9 was used in the plugin that threw error for older WP versions.

2022.04.12 - version 2.6.0
 * New: Added a setting to configure the public encryption key directly in the plugin settings 

2022.03.27 - version 2.5.14
 * Fix: Card/Check forms were constantly flashing in cases where "update_checkout" was called on every payment method change.

2022.03.19 - version 2.5.13
 * Fix: Change subscription payment method with "all" flag was not properly updating all subscriptions
 * WC 6.3 compatibility checks

2022.01.28 - version 2.5.12
 * Fix: Properly pass data to JS triggerHandler methods
 * Tweak: Add a JS triggerHandler "paytrace_on_submit_event"
2022.01.04 - version 2.5.11
 * Fix: Captured amount was incorrectly logged after processing the transaction
 * New filter for the payment transaction type "wc_paytrace_transaction_authorization_type". Allows for modification of the transaction type during payment processing
 * WC 6.0.0 compatibility checks

2021.11.23 - version 2.5.10
 * Fix: Properly process capture via the Order Actions
 * Tweak: Add integration ID to the payment requests
 * WC 5.9.0 compatibility checks

2021.09.13 - version 2.5.9
 * Fix: Card payment form was not showing correctly when the Checkout page was updated("updated_checkout" triggered)
 * WC 5.6.0 compatibility checks

2021.03.02 - version 2.5.8
 * Fix: Validate correctly expiration years entered in 4 number format
 * Log points for failed transaction and account deletion.
 * WC 5.0.0 compatibility checks

2020.10.05 - version 2.5.7
 * Fix: Complete the order, if the customer placed a free trial subscription
 * Dev: Added "wc_paytrace_error_payment_may_be_processed_status"(status, order) - to help merchants decide on the failed payment order status
 * WC 4.5 Compatibility checks and tags 

2020.05.13 - version 2.5.6
 * Fix: CSC is correctly sent with the requests when only card payments are enabled and CSC is required
 * WC 4.1 compatibility checks

2020.03.28 - version 2.5.5
 * Tweak: Modified the Refund Process Flow to use the payment transaction_id to process the refund. 
 * Tweak: Added "wc_paytrace_refund_with_transaction_id"(true, $order, $amount) filter to allow merchants to switch to refund by "customer_id" if need it

2020.03.20 - version 2.5.4
 * Fix: Moved the capture amount field to a different hook to ensure it will always be displayed.
 * Tweak: Added "wc_payment_section_data_paytrace" filter to allow modification of the data passed per payment option section
 * Tweak: Added 'wc_gateway_integration_class_paytrace' filter to allow loading different overwritting the integration classes
 * Tweak: Added 'wc_validate_fields_paytrace' action to fire before payment fields are validated
 * Updated the Compatibility class
 * WC 4.0.0 compatibility checks

2020.01.30 - version 2.5.3
 * Fix: Autoloader files version update

2020.01.29 - version 2.5.2
 * Added actions pre and post plugin loaded
 * Added integration id prop to the requests
 * Tweak: Updated autoloader to contain the relative path from the plugin
 * WC 3.9 checks

2019.12.13 - version 2.5.1
 * Fix: Subscriptions method used when WC Subscriptions is not installed 

2019.12.11 - version 2.5.0
 * New: Added System Status data to help with support details
 * Refactor: Moved the Admin class to its own Admin namespace.
 * Refactor: Split the capture processes in the Admin class into their own Capture class
 * Tweak: Introduce factory for retrieving the gateway object
 * Tweak: Removed any card or check information logged in the debug logs, even when the information is encrypted
 * Tweak: When payment options are displayed separately, we are now logging which option was selected last, so if the checkout is updated, we can select that option.
 * Compatibility with discounts per gateway, where the checkout page is refreshed on every payment option switch.
 * Allow the merchant to choose to make the cvc an optional field. Indication is done through 'wc_paytrace_is_cvc_required' filter. Returning false from the filter will make the field optional. Optional will mean that the field will still be validated if provided, but can be left empty.
 * Dropped support for WC 2.6.
 * WC 3.8 checked

2019.09.13 - version 2.4.7
 * Tweak: Added action hooks for response handling by 3rd party developers.
 * Tweak: When a new card is used and a profile is saved, use the card for the payment instead of charging the profile.
 * WC 3.7 support checked

2019.06.05 - version 2.4.6
 * Tweak: Redirect the customer to the View Subscription page after updating payment method
 * Fix: When charging orders with a total between 0 and 1 the plugin did not charge them. Now those orders are correctly charged.
 * Fix: Don't assume that the customer is always saving their payment method

2019.05.29 - version 2.4.5
 * Fix: Properly display the errors when the encryption Public Key failed to load
 * Introduced new get_meta, update_meta and delete_meta method in the compatibility class
 * Tweak: Removed all WC 2.5 method from the code

2019.05.01 - version 2.4.4
 * Fix: The JSON API request formatting was using a string modifier method for values that were not strings, which caused some incosistent responses.

2019.04.30 - version 2.4.3
 * Fix: Don't require encryption for Check payments
 * Tweak: When the admin saves a Paytrace Customer ID to a Subscription, we check to make sure that there is a WC Token for that Customer ID. If there is no corresponding WC Token for the Customer ID, we create one for it.
 * Tweak: Allow Export Profile request parameters to be filtered

2019.04.24 - version 2.4.2
 * Fix: Use the main form element in the payment form Javascript so the script works even if the form is split into separate steps.

2019.04.19 - version 2.4.1
 * Fix: Do not display the eCheck icon, if the "Accept eCheck Payments" is not enabled.
 * Refactor: Moved the order checks for subscriptions and Pre-Orders to the WC_Paytrace_Order class. Deprecated the current ones in the gateway classes
 * Fix: Do not show the "Capture" buttons on Edit Subscription screen
 * Fix: On Change Payment Method page the card form was displayed initially even when a saved method is selected
 * WC 3.6 support checked

2019.03.26 - version 2.4.0
 * New: Separated the Card and Check forms on the checkout page. Settings are provided for each type title and description on the checkout page.
 * Tweak: Use SVG images for cards and check.
 * Tweak: Restructured the settings into separate sections, so they can be easier to find and understand.
 * Dev: Separated the settings into a more modular structure for better maintenance.

2019.03.06 - version 2.3.6
 * Fix: Check for wc_add_notice when deleting customer token
 * Fix: Now tokens are correctly deleted when the admin deletes the customer

2019.02.19 - version 2.3.5
 * Tweak: Display a notice when the API password contains "~" character. The character breaks API requests, so it is not allowed in the password
 * Tweak: Make the JSON API Integration the default on all upgrades and new installations
 * Fix: Prevent possible 777 duplicate transaction error notice.
 * Fix: Catch and log possible transaction errors caused by remote_post connection. The errors will be logged to debug, order note and the order will be set to failed status
 * Tweak: Make the JSON API integration default

2018.11.19 - version 2.3.4
 * Iterated the plugin files version.
 * Updated the autoloader to the latest version.

2018.10.18 - version 2.3.3
 * Fix: Access token error, since Paytrace changed the token_type capitalization.
 * Tweak: Added the access token error and description to the payment notification.

2018.07.31 - version 2.3.2
 * Tweak: Test mode is not used in JSON API, so we moved the setting to Post API settings to remove confusion.

2018.07.26 - version 2.3.1
 * Fix: Remove restricted characters from request props. POST API: "~" and "|" and JSON API: "|". Previous restriction was only for request description.
 * Fix: Possible PHP warnings of undefined variable.

2018.07.24 - version 2.3.0
 * New: Paytrace Transaction Receipt email requests. The request will a transaction receipt email directly from Paytrace to the customer.
 * Tweak: Made all plugin notices dismissible.
 * Fix: Properly check that the site SSL encryption.

2018.06.20 - version 2.2.2
 * Fix: (JSON API) The Paytrace E2EE script contained jQuery as well and the double load of jQuery did throw conflict errors.
Cleaned the Paytrace E2EE script from unnecessary code and we are not loading it locally.

2018.06.16 - version 2.2.1
 * Just changelog date update.

2018.04.13 - version 2.2.0
 * New: Support for Paytrace Client side encryption library. Direct encryption of the payment details before they are sent to the store server.
 * New: Privacy policy support with GDRP notification and support for export and erasure.
 * Fix: Create profile using the user data did not pull from the user meta.
 * Fix: JSON API: Delete profile used incorrect parameter name
 * Fix: JSON API: Shipping Address was used in the billing address field
 * Fix: Don't send address state field, if it is not 2 characters
 * Fix: JSON API: The customer ID property name was incorrect causing the profiles to not be deleted in the Paytrace system
 * Tweak: Force delete newly created token when the payment fails. Prevents token build up on multiple failed transactions
 * Fix: Don't show saved methods, if we are not using the Vault

2018.04.13 - version 2.1.6
 * Fix: Send the capture amount with the request if the amount is different than the initially authorized amount.
 * Tweak: Removed the price html in the Admin Actions dropdown for Capture Payment. Since WC 3.3 the field html is escaped.
 * Tweak: Pre-fill the order total or amount up to the initially authorized one in the capture amount fi

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