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Paysafe Gateway for WooCommerce Nulled
Paysafe Gateway for WooCommerce Nulled

Take payment via Paysafe Gateway Nulled v3.9.2 Paysafe is a provider of online payment services in Europe, US, and Canada. Paysafe provides a secure payment form that takes the burden of PCI compliance away from merchants. It allows merchants to accept payments via credit and debit cards, direct debit and alternative payments methods.

Together with WooCommerce, Paysafe Gateway plugin nulled offers a fully integrated payment solution that can begin accepting credit and debit card payments within hours. Payment status information and refunds are available from within the WooCommerce platform. Separately, you can access our merchant portal providing additional reporting capabilities.

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WooCommerce Paysafe Gateway Nulled Changelog

2022.11.11 - version 3.9.2
 * Fix: Update a card in the Paysafe Vault if a new card is saved with the same number

2022.09.19 - version 3.9.1
 * Fix: Declined messages were not properly displayed on the checkout page.

2022.08.03 - version 3.9.0
 * New: Added 3DS2 Challenge Preference option. Allows the merchant to control whether the bank will request the 3DS2 authentication challenge from the customer.
 * Tweak: Log a message to the order and fail the order when the payment fails before the proper processing
 * Tweak: Added JS parameters to allow for custom redirects after payment
 * Tweak: Moved the require cvv to Vault settings

2022.07.12 - version 3.8.2
 * Fix: Recurring transaction were failing. The payment requests were not properly transmitting the recurring transactions initial and subsequent intent

2022.03.22 - version 3.8.1
 * Fix: Update all subscription payment methods did not work properly
 * WC 6.3 support checks

2022.02.17 - version 3.8.0
 * New: Added CVV required setting for payments with saved cards
 * New: Added Initial transaction ID parameter for recurring merchant initiated payments.
 * Tweak: Wrapped exceptions for better error messages.

2022.02.09 - version 3.7.7
 * Fix: Prevent any processing of already paid order
 * Tweak: Added new hooks for third party modifications
 * WC 6.2 support checks

2021.06.01 - version 3.7.6
 * Fix: Missing email error when add payment method was used. 
 * WC 5.3 compatibility checks

2021.02.08 - version 3.7.5
 * Fix: Issue when the customer goes to pay for an existing order. The plugin was incorrectly assuming the chosen gateway is Paysafe, when it could be another.

2021.01.15 - version 3.7.4
 * Fix: Fatal error occurring from incorrectly retrieved account ID, when API keys are missing.
 * WC 4.9 support checks

2020.12.10 - version 3.7.3
 * Fix: allow the "Accepted Cards" setting to be set with an empty value
 * Tweak: require at minimum Cards or DirectDebit account ID set in the settings
 * Tweak: Added the correlation ID to the layover error messages
 * Tweak: added log point to log ajax payment processes errors
 * WC 4.8 compatibility checks and tags

2020.11.23 - version 3.7.2
 * Fix: Do not check and use Subs functions if WC Subscriptions is not active. Prevents errors with WC Pre-Orders
 * WC 4.7 checks

2020.06.11 - version 3.7.1
 * Fix: During checkout generate a nonce for the payment layover.
 * WC 4.2 checks and tags

2020.04.24 - version 3.7.0
 * New: Moved the payment Layover to the Checkout page. The Pay page payment is now only as a backup.
 * New: Add PDS2(3DS 2) support to the CheckoutJS integration. The request parameters are filterable and can be additionally modified by merchants to fit specific needs
 * New: Use the Layover "showSaveCardCheckboxes" to ask the customer if they want to save the card to their account
 * Tweak: Since we are using the "showSaveCardCheckboxes" and DirectDebit does not show the checkboxes,yet, we added a way to filter the saved methods displayed to the customer. Use filter "wc_paysafe_checkoutjs_allowed_token_types" to pass the token type
 * Tweak: Add Layover submit button text for update/add/change payment method processes. The button now says "Submit" instead of "Pay", since a payment will not be processed. The text can be translated or modified by a filter.
 * Tweak: CheckoutJS: Update token layover will not display the same type of payment method as the token. If the token is from a Card, the Layover will only display a Card option.
 * Tweak: Load the Layover on the "Pay for Order" page directly instead of redirecting to the Pay page.
 * Tweak: JS script isCheckoutPage excludes the Pay page
 * Fix: Payment type details did not work with subscriptions paid via Direct Debit. The details are not correctly displayed.
 * Fix: Make sure that the account IDs are only integers
 * Fix: Error messages were not formatted correctly
 * Fix: Capture amount was not displayed on WC > 4.0+ versions.
 * WC 4.1 tags and checks

2020.02.28 - version 3.6.1
 * Fix: Check before we use "mbstring" functions for servers that don't have it installed

2020.02.14 - version 3.6.0
 * New: Add support for the "hideAmount" parameter to allow us to hide the amount of the form on actions where we only save a token and do not collect payment (add_payment_method, update_payment_method, change_payment_method)
 * New: Add a setting to the WC Settings > Advanced tab to allow translation of the "update-payment-method" endpoint
 * Fix: In some instances the WC_Query was called before our own endpoint(update-payment-method) is added resulting in a 404 Not Found page. Load the endpoint early.
 * Fix: Use the translated update-payment-method endpoint
 * Fix: Limit payment response message string length to be maximum 200 characters. Payment layover can hang in processing, if the message if not in the correct format
 * Tweak: Log the card verification request for debug

2020.02.04 - version 3.5.4
 * Tweak: Added JS triggerHandlers to allow scritps to hook into the iframe payment process. Trigger is called on the result, successful and failed payment

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