v1.7.3 Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO Free Download [by HandCraftByte]

Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO Plugin
Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO Plugin

Leverage the Flexibility of Google Tag Manager Pro Free Download v1.7.3 | Google Tag Manager Pro Nulled 1.7.3 to Measure and Optimize Sales Results (GA4 ready). This extension pushes standard eCommerce information – GA4 Commerce and UA Enhanced eCommerce compatible – to GTM Data Layer. Once this information is available in your GTM workspace you can plug in and use any tool available, even if you are unsure which tool you need or would like to use.

GTM setup can be cumbersome and time-consuming – this extension comes with packaged presets for 4 main tools in the market that allow you to set up and run the integration in few simple steps without creating every single GTM Variable and Trigger yourself.

Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce Nulled integrates your WooCommerce shop with a GTM container. It can work with existing GTM installation and allows injecting the GTM snippets in the settings.

The extension starts to work without any additional installation. Once it is activated and GTM is embedded in the website, it starts to emit eCommerce events to the GTM dataLayer. Those events are compatible with the newest GA4 format but can be adapted to different tools, including UA and Facebook Pixel.

From there, virtually any integration can be achieved through GTM and the same data from your shop can be sent out to any analytical or optimization tool.
But to make it easier, the extension comes with packaged GTM presets that can be imported into GTM workspace to enable dataflow to specific tool in few simple steps without creating every single GTM Tag, Variable, and Trigger manually.

That’s it. With the help of the extension and packaged presets, you can start analyzing and optimizing your WooCommerce shop in almost no time.

Google Tag Manager Pro Plugin’s Benefits

  1. A single extension to install that captures and emits all required eCommerce events
  2. Virtually any analytical and optimization tool can be integrated via GTM in order to improve WooCommerce sales
  3. Build full end-to-end integration with selected tools (Google Analytics GA4 and UA, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads) with a few simple clicks thanks to packaged GTM presets
  4. Supports legally required user consent before sending out any data out (requires manual setup)
  5. Ensures data consistency – data won’t be sent twice thanks to streamlined integration

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Google Tag Manager Pro Plugin Nulled Changelog

Version 1.7.3
RELEASED ON 2022-10-29
fix issue with downloading advanced presets
test with latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce

Version 1.7.2
RELEASED ON 2022-10-17
fix remove_from_cart to prevent errors
more robust begin_checkout tracking

Version 1.7.1
RELEASED ON 2022-08-22
side utility
removed cfasync attribute that was causing issues in certain scenarios
removed notification about inactive WooCommerce installation

Version 1.7.0
RELEASED ON 2022-08-15
improved tracking `add_to_cart` and `remove_from_cart` when updating cart quantities
fixed handling variations when tracking `add_to_cart` on reload
side tracking
test against latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions

Version 1.6.2
RELEASED ON 2022-08-04
improve handling `add_to_cart` on dynamic product pages
split checkout events as dedicated events
added custom parameter to payments to track payment method
cfasync' attribute
ask for feedback to enhance user support
upgraded dependencies
fixed minor PHP notifications

Version 1.6.1
RELEASED ON 2022-06-29
fix casting issue on PHP 8.0

Version 1.6.0
RELEASED ON 2022-06-23
introduced internal settings API to control eCommerce events behavior
fixes to add_to_cart event, allow to track add_to_cart with redirect, not only AJAX
add `value` property to all events
introduce `gtm_ecommerce_woo_event` filter and ability to add extra properties
allow to disable `view_item_list` on single product page using the internal settings API
enhance deduplication feature to handle custom order confirmation redirects
improve handling product categories
remove testing code
test against latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions
introduce secured endpoint for obtaining debugging info
introduce `view_cart` event
points for Google Ads Enhanced Conversion
`add_billing_info`, `add_shipping_info`, `add_payment_info`

Version 1.5.2
RELEASED ON 2021-11-05
fix notices when the_post hook happens before wp_head
switch the monitoring API to edge endpoints for performance gains

Version 1.5.1
RELEASED ON 2021-10-22
preset versioning
changed simple & variable products add_to_cart handling for better JS compatibility
new version of automated theme validator

Version 1.5.0
RELEASED ON 2021-10-14
add list params for add_to_cart and select_item events
track purchase params on top level of ecommerce object for future changes
support migrating from FREE to PRO version
test against most recent version of WordPress and WooCommerce

Version 1.4.1
RELEASED ON 2021-05-25
test against most recent version of WordPress and WooCommerce

Version 1.4.0
RELEASED ON 2021-05-21
fix tax and shipping values
purchase event now is tracked only once
introduce filters to customize events and items
enhancements to theme validator

Version 1.3.0
RELEASED ON 2021-05-04
Event Inspector and Theme Validator
move injecting dataLayer down in wp_footer hook to allow loading jQuery in the footer
product is loaded in the page
fix remove_from_cart when multiple products are removed one after another
handle more edge cases for view_item_list when different products are loaded multiple times on a page

Version 1.2.0
RELEASED ON 2021-04-19
rework settings with tabs
presets in a grid for easier discovery and download
supported events settings

Version 1.1.0
RELEASED ON 2021-03-26
theme validator
Version 1.0.4
RELEASED ON 2021-03-19
add_to_cart event handling fixes
fix first item on archive for view_item_list event
fix select_item for nested links

Version 1.0.3
RELEASED ON 2021-03-07
fix core WP and WC hooks

Version 1.0.2
RELEASED ON 2021-03-06
switch to high level WP hooks

Version 1.0.1
RELEASED ON 2021-03-01
Adjust plugin naming
Fix Variable Products
Allow to prevent loading GTM snippets

Version 1.0.0
RELEASED ON 2021-01-31
Initial release

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